n. & v.
1 a man awarded a non-hereditary title (Sir) by a sovereign in recognition of merit or service.
2 hist. a a man, usu. noble, raised esp. by a sovereign to honourable military rank after service as a page and squire. b a military follower or attendant, esp. of a lady as her champion in a war or tournament.
3 a man devoted to the service of a woman, cause, etc.
4 Chess a piece usu. shaped like a horse's head.
5 a Rom.Hist. a member of the class of equites, orig. the cavalry of the Roman army. b Gk Hist. a citizen of the second class in Athens.
6 (in full knight of the shire) hist. a gentleman representing a shire or county in parliament.
— confer a knighthood on.
Phrases and idioms:
knight bachelor (pl. knights bachelor) a knight not belonging to a special order. knight commander see COMMANDER. knight errant
1 a medieval knight wandering in search of chivalrous adventures.
2 a man of a chivalrous or quixotic nature. knight-errantry the practice or conduct of a knight errant. Knight Hospitaller (pl. Knights Hospitaller) a member of an order of monks with a military history, founded at Jerusalem c.1050. knight marshal hist. an officer of the royal household with judicial functions.
knight of the road colloq.
1 a highwayman.
2 a commercial traveller.
3 a tramp.
4 a lorry driver or taxi driver. knight-service hist. the tenure of land by military service. Knight Templar (pl. Knights Templar) a member of a religious and military order for the protection of pilgrims to the Holy Land, suppressed in 1312.
knighthood n. knightlike adj. knightly adj. & adv. poet. knightliness n.
Etymology: OE cniht boy, youth, hero f. WG

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